About Tay

I like to live my life by the triple-A rule: Ambition, Attitude, and Adaptability. I also strive to apply these skills to my business every day in order to deliver the best quality photos while leaving my own personal unique touch that can not be found or replicated anywhere else. I believe photography should be applied as an art and appreciated like a good book, because just as a novel each picture tells a story. In contrast, no art exists that is without passion and my passion for photography stems from as far back as my childhood. The amount of sunset photos I took on my IPod couldn’t be counted on both my hands and feet. However, my journey to build Photogrtay, like anyone who has their own business, or a seemingly unattainable fitness goal would know, was strenuous to say the least. I was faced with obstacles consisting of a lack of resources, a lack of opportunity, and most prominently a lack of self restraint when a binge worthy TV series got released on Netflix. However, if we’re going to be honest most of us are struggling with that last roadblock I mentioned. From, camera phone to Nikon, my passion has led me to build Photogrtay from the ground up. I believe in making everyone feel like a model in their own skin and not only capturing memories, but making them through every simple smile and irreplaceable moment. This is why my business is truly reflective of who I am because I not only see the beauty, energy, and emotion, in things but I value it and want to showcase it for everyone else to see as well. Photogrtay not only captures life’s finest moments but strives to enhance the beauty that is already there. Photogrtay is life in focus.

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